Volunteer Spotlight

     Atty. Danielle Assa, Nov. 2011-Present


Atty. Danielle Assa earned her undergraduate and law degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2011. When Danielle is not at the Milwaukee Justice Center she is busy taking on public defender cases. She also has her own LLC where she does small claims and property management cases, which has been a big learning experience for her. Danielle is an avid runner and recently got a new puppy – a Dachshund-Pointer mix.

In what capacity do you volunteer at the MJC?

I was working as a public defender and was interested in family law. I was referred to someone in family law who referred me to [MJC Executive Director] Dawn Caldart, and I started volunteering at the self-help desk in November of 2011.

What compels you to volunteer?

I wanted to get involved with family law and get familiar with the forms that go along with it in a hands-on way. I also wanted to help people. The MJC has been the perfect place to do both.

How has volunteering at the MJC been a rewarding experience for you?

The most rewarding experience as a volunteer at the self-help desk is when someone comes in and is very confused and leaves with a plan and is relatively comfortable with what they need to do going forward. You can understand that some come in after a long bus ride and really want to see their kids or really want to ensure their kids’ safety; they are really stressed out and concerned. It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to help them through all that.

What has been challenging about volunteering at the MJC?

The biggest challenge is working with a wide variety of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and little knowledge about the court system. It is challenging to walk people through a system that you personally know is difficult and confusing and expect them to understand after 30 minutes.

Why do you feel pro bono work is important?  

Pro bono work fills the need in our community that many have – the need for a lawyer but with a lack of means to afford a lawyer.





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