Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing

Add solar to your home with affordable financing and Milwaukee incentives

The City of Milwaukee is happy to partner with Summit Credit Union to offer low-interest loans to help Milwaukee homeowners add solar to your homes. The program officially launched in summer 2011. Please review the documents below, which provide a step-by-step guide to take part in this program. If you have additional questions, please contact Milwaukee Shines at 414-286-5593 or


Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing Documents

Program Manual for Homeowners

Program Manual for Installers

Milwaukee Shines Financing Application

Milwaukee Shines Solar Loans: At-A-Glance

Summit Credit Union in partnership with City of Milwaukee’s solar program is offering up to $2 million in low-interest solar loans for Milwaukee homeowners. We offer an affordable way to finance the balance of your solar energy system costs.

  • Eligible Participants: City of Milwaukee homeowners, 1-3 unit owner-occupied residences
  • Loan Size: Up to $20,000
  • Interest Rate: Low-Interest Fixed Rate (as low as prime + 1.50%)
  • Terms: Up to 15 years. No penalties for early payment, no fees, no down payments
  • Projects: Solar electric systems (up to 6kW) or solar hot water systems (1-8 panels). Must be installed by a Focus on Energy Residential Ally solar installer.
  • Eligible Expenses: All equipment, labor, permits, and interconnection fees. Structural re-enforcement and re-roofing expenses if part of solar project




For additional information on the Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing program email or call 414-286-5593.







Milwaukee Shines

Solar Financing



1. Learn More
Complete details on program can be found in program manual to the left.

2. Site Assessment
We recommend you get a solar site assessment from an MREA Certified Site Assessor to help determine what technology is best for your home. There is a fee for the assessment; get a few bids.

3. Energy Efficiency
Make your home energy efficient first, and maximize solar incentives. Take part in Milwaukee Energy Efficiency (Me2).

4. Apply for Preapproval of Loan
Apply online or in person and receive preapproval of solar loan to ensure you can move forward with your solar project.

5. Apply for Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing
Complete the application found to the left on this website.

6. Select Installer
Contract with your preferred installer. Milwaukee Shines recommends going with a certified installer from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners (NABCEP). We recommend you get 2-3 bids before you make your selection.

7. Get Incentives
Work with your installer to ensure you receive: Federal tax credit and WI Focus on Energy incentive.

8.  Install Solar System
Work with your installer to schedule the installation.

9.  Close on Loan
After your project is complete, work with your Summit Credit Union loan officer to close on the loan. Summit will issue check directly to your installer.

Enjoy Your Solar Installation!


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