Milwaukee County Community Justice Council



Mission Statement

The mission of the Milwaukee County Community Justice Council ( CJC) is to work collaboratively to ensure a fair, efficient, and effective justice system that enhances public safety and quality of life in our community.




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MCCJC Community Engagement Sessions


Statewide Criminal Justice Coordinating Council


Governor Walker established the twenty-member Statewide CJCC by Executive Order in April 2012, and has charged the Council with examining crime and criminal justice problems in the state, and recommending strategies to improve criminal justice system policy, operations, and outcomes. The Council seeks to improve criminal justice system efficiency, effectiveness, and public safety. For more information, go to the State CJCC website by clicking here.


Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice System Initiative

Milwaukee is one of seven cities across the United States chosen to participate in the Evidence-Based Decision Making in Local Criminal Justice Systems Initiative (EBDMI), an opportunity sponsored by the U.S. Department of Justice, National Institute of Corrections (NIC) and the Office of Justice Programs (OJP).  This is a technical assistance award. An update on this Initiative is provided at each Council meeting. Milwaukee's commitment to the discipline of EBDM will enable us to hold offenders accountable, reduce the overall crime rate and recidivism, and give taxpayers a better return on the dollars they invest in criminal justice.  Currently, Milwaukee is in Phase III of this initiative. To view a copy of the full Phase III Application, which includes details on the various programs under EBDMI that Milwaukee is working on, click here.

In the fall 2011 Marquette Lawyer Magazine, Alan Borsuk, Senior Fellow in Law and Public Policy authored an article on the Milwaukee County Community Justice Council's (CJC) Evidence Based Decision-Making (EBDM) initiative prominently featuring several members of the MCCJC. To view the article, click here.



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