Through Milwaukee Shines and Me2, Milwaukee home and business owners can get big incentives to invest in solar energy.





For a limited time, Milwaukee home owners can receive $2,000 cash-back on solar installation!

DOWNLOAD brochure for details on residential incentives

Who can participate?

  • Homeowners that have already completed a Me2 energy efficiency project or in the process of completing a Me2 project.
  • Homes must be located in the City of Milwaukee, up to 3-unit homes.

 What type of solar can I install?

  • Solar Hot Water: Help offset you hot water heating costs. Minimum install: two solar hot water panels
  • Solar Electric: Generate your own electricity. Minimum install: 2 KW system
  • Solar Hot Air: Help offset your space heating costs: Minimum install: one panel



Me2 Residential Solar Contractors



Are installers certified? 

There is not a state certification for solar installers. Several installers have become NABCEP certified (North American Board of Certified Energy Practioners). This national certification requires coursework through accredited training programs, designing and installing a specified number of solar installs, and passing a professional technical exam.

You can find Me2 Solar Contractors that are NABCEP certified, by looking for this logo:

How do I choose an installer? 

Take time to ask questions of a potential solar installer BEFORE committing to buying a solar electric or solar thermal system.  These questions can help protect the end-user from potential hazards and liabilities associated with having a solar energy system installed on their building or home.  

Click HERE for list of questions for and potential responses from potential installers. 

How much will solar cost? 

The potential cost of a solar system varies depending on the building or home, shading issues, accessibility to roof, condition of structure (or upgrades needed), and bids will vary depending on the installer.

Click HERE for an outline of costs for an example Milwaukee home.

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