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The Milwaukee Power Pack was offered as a pilot project in 2012. 
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Milwaukee Power Pack: About the Program

Milwaukee Shines, with the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, launched a pilot solar purchase program for a limited time only!

The Milwaukee Power Pack, the first of its kind in the United States, makes solar more affordable for Milwaukee area customers. The program offers quality solar products from Milwaukee companies, installed by local professionals, at a lower cost for customers. The Milwaukee Power Pack system will include solar panels from Milwaukee’s own Helios Solar Works and an inverter from Ingeteam, both companies headquartered in the Menomonee Valley.

  • Record Low Cost: Lower cost solar installation for home and business owners! Local Milwaukee solar companies are providing a special limited-time pricing for the Milwaukee Power Pack program. Cost is also lower because installers buy product directly from manufacturer; no shipping or handling fees.
  • Support Milwaukee Businesses: Solar components from Milwaukee-based companies. Solar panels from Helios Solar Works. Solar inverter from Ingeteam.
  • Certified Installers: Solar installations by trained, certified solar installers. Qualified installers must be NABCEP certified: national solar installation certification.
  • Low-Interest Solar Loans: Combine cost savings with low-interest solar loans: Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing - available for City residents.
  • Be the Solution! 

Milwaukee Power Pack: Step-by-Step

  1. Contact the Midwest Renewable Energy Association: 414-431-0758 x2 or e-mail.
  2. Education: Learn about solar for your home or business by attending a Solar Power Hour (see dates and locations at right).
  3. Get Bids: Get a few bids from Milwaukee Power Pack Providers (solar installers). Decide on an installer by December 31, 2012.
  4. Obtain Financing: If you need financing, get approved for a low-interest loan with Milwaukee Shines Solar Financing (Available to City residents only).
  5. Install: Solar installation should be scheduled by December 31, 2012 and installed by March 30, 2013. 

Milwaukee Power Pack: Example Home

The Milwaukee Power Pack starts with a 2 KW system, the typical size of a solar installation in Milwaukee. Here's an example of what a 2 KW system may produce and cost.  

2 KW Milwaukee Power Pack


A 2 KW solar system would produce about 6.7 kwh / day of electricity (about 2,500 kwh / year). This could offset about 1/5-1/4 of an annual household electricity use.

Average 2KW cost $8,000 - $11,000 before incentives (average install cost in Milwaukee area $4-$5.50 / watt)

 - Take advantage of 30% Federal Tax Credit

 - Apply Focus on Energy state incentive (up to $2,400)

Final Average Cost = $4,400 - $6,500 (after tax credit and after state incentive)

Use low-interest solar financing for balance

** Costs and estimates will vary depending on the building or home, accessibility to roof, condition of structure (or upgrades needed), and bids will vary depending on the installer.


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Visit our Find an Installer page for tips on what to ask potential installers.

 Are you a solar installer? Want to be a Milwaukee Power Pack provider? Apply with the MREA. Call 414-431-0758 or e-mail for details.






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