Announcements and Links

2013 Consumer Confidence Reports are in the mail with third quarter Municipal Services bills
Scam artists at work: be aware of utility imposters who try to enter your home
Helping Consumers Save on Water Costs: Milwaukee Water Teams with H2Oscore (Oct 2013)
Did the City of Milwaukee endorse this? Learn about water-related promotional materials
2012 Milwaukee Water Works Consumer Confidence Report
Milwaukee Water Works Superintendent Carrie M. Lewis named Woman of Influence - Public Policy 2012
Milwaukee Water Works honored with Utility Special Achievement Award
Tests Find Chromium-VI; Milwaukee Health Dept says Milwaukee water is safe (Jan 2011)
Proposed Revised Guidance for Fluoride in Drinking Water Jan. 7, 2011(Jan 2011)
Current information about fluoride in Milwaukee water is available at Customer Service FAQs
Chromium-VI: Milwaukee Health Dept finds no public health risk in Milwaukee drinking water (Dec 2010)
Advisory: EPA Regulations--Milwaukee already monitors water for these contaminants (March 2010)
Milwaukee Water Works National  Award for Water and Energy Efficiency (2008)