Kilbourn Reservoir Park Project Update October 27, 2006


Kilbourn Reservoir Park Project
Pre-construction photos

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Looking west from North Avenue at the American Legion star-in-a-circle floral bed.

Below, the frame was removed for storage during demolition of the reservoir: (Oct. 27, 2006)

Pump house on top of reservoir: (Oct. 27, 2006)

The orange silt fencing, shown here along E. North Avenue, was installed around the entire project to prevent soil erosion and runoff: (Oct. 27, 2006)

The north face of the reservoir: (Oct. 23, 2006)

Silt fencing around the perimeter of the project: (Oct. 23, 2006)

This update is another in a series of periodic communications we have been providing since May 2000, when the Water Works began planning for the future of the reservoir.