Kilbourn Reservoir Park Update September 11, 2006


Tot Lot

Construction to replace the tot lot on the north side of the property has begun. Expected completion was September 15 but rainy weather has delayed the project. The Department of Public Works Building and Fleet section is managing this project. For safety reasons, the new tot lot will not be open for public use until the Kilbourn Reservoir Park project has been completed and the area is no longer a construction site.

Gatehouse Atop Reservoir

The Water Works has hired a contractor to move this building from the top of the reservoir down to the parking area (inside the fence) by the buildings on the southwest corner of the property. This will allow construction to begin on the reservoir without concerns about this structure.

Asbestos Removal

A contractor has been awarded a contract to remove the asbestos material from the tennis court area atop the reservoir. The Department of Natural Resources was provided the required 10-day notice last week. A preconstruction meeting is pending. The Department of Public Works Buildings and Fleet section is also managing this project.

Kilbourn Decommissioning Project

Bids were opened on August 31, 2006. Award of the contract is pending. There will be a preconstruction meeting within 10 days of the contract award. Actual construction will begin after the gatehouse has been relocated and asbestos has been removed.