Kilbourn Reservoir Park Project Update December 8, 2006


Kilbourn Reservoir Park Project Update
Apr. 17, 2007


(scroll down for project photos)

The reservoir structure has now been removed, and the contractor plans to begin significant work on Monday, April 23 to bring fill to the site to reshape the hill. Hauling the fill will involve six to eight trucks per hour moving into the site, for an estimated 50-60 trucks per day. This level of hauling is projected to continue through the month of June 2007.

Inbound loaded trucks will exit I-43 at Locust Street . travel east to Holton Street . travel south on Holton Street to Meinecke Ave and east on Meinecke Ave to the site. Outbound empty trucks will travel west on Meinecke Ave to Holton Street . north on Holton Street to Locust Street . west on Locust Street to I-43.

The Water Works has alerted the Milwaukee County Transit System and Milwaukee Public Schools regarding possible impacts on bus routes.

Some residents of the Riverwest community had asked whether any large stones from the bottom of the reservoir might be saved and displayed as historical relics in the new park. Toward the end of the demolition phase, representatives of the Water Works, the general contractor, and Riverwest investigated. Their search found there was nothing salvageable. The stones, which were of soft sandstone, had been partially to mostly covered with the concrete that had been used in building the reservoir, and the remains were in a greatly deteriorated condition.

Photos from a walk around the perimeter April 5, 2007:

Looking northeast at the park from E. Garfield St.

View south to Downtown from the south side of the park near E. Garfield St.

Looking east from E. Garfield St. terminus

Looking north at Pump house and police radio tower

Looking north at Pump house and police radio tower

Looking southeast from alley between E. North Ave. and E. N. Bremen St.

Truck ramp on north side of former reservoir - view from E. Meinecke St.

Looking southwest at comfort station on E. Meinecke St. at N. Fratney St.

View west toward east side of hill from N. Bremen St.

View south from N. Bremen St.