Freshwater Advantages for Business

Downtown MilwaukeeMilwaukee's abundant, reliable, high quality supply of water provided at a low cost, helps water-intensive and water technology business and research perform competitively and profitably in the Milwaukee area. Milwaukee offers a longterm solution to drought, aquifer depletion, contamination, and other source and quality problems for water-intensive industry. We have a continuous supply of water and excess capacity of both water and sewerage treatment facilities, provided at competitive and stable rates. Fresh water is Milwaukee’s competitive advantage.

Water Rate Discount for Business

The Milwaukee Water Works provides a Declining Block Rate (DBR) in which cost per unit of water decreases with increased water usage. This is an advantage for commercial customers who use more than 100 Ccf per month (approximately 75,000 gallons/month).

Mayor Tom Barrett delivers City of Milwaukee collaboration to encourage water research and business development through the Water Council. The Milwaukee Water Works is a founding sponsor of FaB Wisconsin, a regional food and beverage industry cluster network.

For more information, please contact the Milwaukee Water Works Water Marketing Specialist, (414) 286-2803 or email Contact our economic development partners for additional resources:

Milwaukee Department of City Development, (414) 286-5800

Milwauke Economic Development Corp., (414) 286-5840

MILWAUKEE 7 Regional Economic Development Partnership, (866) 596-6463 or (414) 287-4126

FaB Milwaukee

The Water Council, (414) 828-3817

Engineering Resources

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Hydrant, Meter and Water Connection Charges and Bulk Water Sales -- Obtain a Permit

Here are current (established by Public Service Commission of Wisconsin 2011) rate schedules for Milwaukee Water Works water and services, including charges for hydrant permits and water connection permits

Find information about water service permits, including permits to hook up to a hydrant or install a temporary meter, and information about water and sewer service to a particular location or address from the Department of Neighborhood Services Tech Team. Call (414) 286-8208 or email Or, use the automated voice response system, (414) 286-8211. Find a list of water-related permits at the Permit Center website, scroll down topics list to W.

Landscapers and other contractors may purchase water in bulk from the Milwaukee Water Works at two locations, 1901 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. and 2919 W. Cameron Ave.