Competitive Cost

Milwaukee offers inexpensive water and water service.

The Milwaukee Water Works offers a declining block rate structure in which cost per unit of water decreases with use. This rate structure is appropriate for a situation such as that in Milwaukee in which there is an ample supply of water, treatment and distribution capacity; where all water is returned to the source, and where construction of additional facilities to meet demand is not an issue. Plus, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District charges only for wastewater discharged to the sewer, not for water used in the product or that is evaporated.

A comparative study of quarterly water charges by the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) found a high volume industrial customer similar to a Milwaukee meat processor pays $41,151 for its water in Milwaukee. The charges elsewhere would be $65,800 in Chicago;  Dallas, $79,512; Kansas City, $90,544; Denver, $110,717; Cleveland, $121,430; San Diego, $157,557; Pittsburgh, $172,367; Phoenix, $176,405; Seattle, $209,482; Atlanta, $251,984 and Los Angelos, $274,000.