For Business and Industry

The Milwaukee Water Works encourages water-intensive business and water technology firms to expand or locate in the Milwaukee service region. The addition of customers spreads operational costs over a larger rate base, enabling the utility to keep water costs down. And, the vitality of industry in the area benefits the regional economy.

A key advantage is the Declining Block Rate which provides a lower cost per unit of water as water usage increases.

Water is the critical factor for manufacturers, food processing companies, brewers and bottlers, researchers, and the medical community. Across the country, wet industry faces dwindling water resources due to multi-year droughts, depletion of groundwater, restrictive water quality regulations, and overpopulation of arid lands. Increasing demand for water and sewage treatment means higher operating costs for business. The Milwaukee area offers abundant water supply and sewage treatment capacity. The Milwaukee Water Works provides a freshwater advantage for business. Read more in the topics to the right.